How to Know if You Are Drunk

It’s Important to be aware of the legal limit for your state and country. In most Places: if you’ve had more than 1 drink per hour, then you’re legally drunk. If you are not sure whether you are drunk, then you’re probably drunk. Don’t drive. Walk, or sleep over at a friend’s home, or ask a sober friend to drive you home. Don’t risk your life.
Method 1
Seeing if You are Legally Drunk

See if you have had more than 1 drink per hour. Every Country, and sometimes even every nation, has a slightly different limit for what it means to be legally drunk. Everyone is different, but as a Rough guideline, your body is able to metabolize (process) one drink per hour. If you have had more than 1 drink per hour– you guessed it — you’re drunk. Legally, anyway. Even if you don’t feel drunk, Don’t even consider driving a car, going to work, caring for a Kid, editing wikiHow, or doing anything else that requires complete control of your faculties (even if you feel perfectly fine). Image:Know If you’re Drunk Step 1. jeg|center]]
“One drink” means one standard glass of wine, 1 shot of vodka, or 12 ounces of beer or the equivalent of in other alcoholic drinks. A Sherry, a pint of cider, a Bacardi, a bigger etc..
Use an internet calculator. Do you own a computer or telephone handy? If You Would like to find out when you’re legally drunk right now, Check out a very helpful Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.) calculator. One of the most well-respected ones comes from the University of Oklahoma. [1] But if you are not living in america, then you need to check out an internet calculator from your own country.
Online calculators also take a significant factor into consideration: your weight. The bigger you are, the more slowly you are going to get drunk. So, a 100 lb. Woman drinking two beers will find a good deal more drunk than a 200 pounds. Guy drinking the exact same two beers.
The programs may also offer more than just the choice of the Standard meaning of”one drink,” and provide you more variables so that you can See just how much you consumed.
Know what it means to be legally drunk. Drunk is normally defined as having a B.A.C. of .05-.10. In some countries, like Russia, You’re not allowed to drive if there is any alcohol in your Body in any respect.
That’s a percentage, so if your blood is greater than 0.1percent you’re most likely legally drunk.
A fantastic premise is about .08, but look at the regional laws.
Use a breathalyzer. Breathalyzers are little devices You can breathe into to compute your B.A.C. Though you may not Have one handy now, you can get one at most pharmacies or order it Online — hopefully you do not strike one in the hands of a police officer. Stocking your car or house with a breathalyzer is a Good Idea Because it can allow you to know if you — or your guests — are lawfully able to drive.
Do not take a large swig of alcohol prior to testing your B.A.C. Even if You are only having fun, it is going to provide you a higher reading than usual.

Method 2
Taking Field Sobriety Tests

Do the “touch the nose” test. “Field Sobriety Tests” Are evaluations that law enforcement uses to determine if a defendant is drunk. They Can be helpful in figuring out whether you’re drunk because they Tend to be quite accurate. NHTSA has determined that sober people can Pass these tests in just about all situations, while about 80 percent of the people that Are over the degree of legal drunkenness from the USA (.08percent ) will fail. The”touch the nose” test is one of the simplest tests to try. Here is What you need to do:
Close your eyes and stretch your arm all the way out.
Attempt to touch the end of your nose with your forefinger, while Maintaining your elbow extended straight out. If your elbow drops into your Side, it will not count.
Should you miss your nose, then you’re most likely drunk.
Try the “walk a straight line” test. This evaluations sees if you’re able to walk on a straight line, turn, and return. Here’s What you have to do:
Locate a direct line on the floor.
Walk six steps ahead on the line, heel to toe. Then, turn on the heels, and walk six steps back.
You fail if you use your arms for balance, fall off the line, are not able to follow directions, can not walk heel to toe.
Try the “one legged stand” test. This evaluation sees if you can stand with one leg slightly off the floor for 30 seconds. Here’s What you should do:
Lift your leg about 6 inches (15cm) from the floor.
Hold it there for about 30 minutes.
You fail if you do two or more of the following: swaying, putting down the foot, hopping, or using your arms to balance.

Method 3
Seeing How You Act

See in case you suddenly think you’re Superman. If you’re Drunk, you might begin thinking of the nearly-empty bottle of malt Liquor before you as invincibility juice. Have you begun to feel Wildly enabled, prepared to do anything, and capable of complex physical tasks? Have you attempted to pick up a person heavier than you are, To walk in your hands, or to scale the side of a structure? Engaged in An arm-wrestling competition with an ogre? Tried to lift eight boxes filled with lead? If so, you’re drunk, drunk, drunk.
See if you are busting out the crazy dance moves. If You are normally a dancer, great. But if you are more of a wallflower and Are doing”The Macarena” with your Aunt Gerta in her retirement Party, or attempting to break dance to some hip hop when falling all over The ground, you might have had a little much to drink. It is okay to drink To get somewhat more dance fuel, but if you end up trying out Moves you’d not dream of on a cold sober night, then you’re drunk.
See if you start telling a stranger your most intimate personal information. Perhaps You just met a friend of a friend, have become familiar with Your cousin’s new girlfriend, or were just introduced to the man who Works on the 3rd floor in your yearly Christmas party. Okay, so far, so good. But have you found yourself talking about the way you believe you have genital warts? Your inability to cope with the passing of Pooh-Pooh, your pet gerbil? How You’ve Got a fear of intimacy that goes back to walking in In your parents doing the deed when you’re in third grade? If you Find yourself showing these intimate details to anybody who will (or Tries not to) listen, then you guessed it–you are drunk.
See if you start imagining your love to your crush. You have opened a bottle of wine or your next box of Franzia and see Your crush walk in throughout the room. And suddenly, you are facing him, talking about how cute he looks, how much you like him, and Then–gasp–you are suddenly leaning in for a kiss. . .only to land Face-first on the ground. If you find yourself showing this intimate Information to the person that you like while knowing that you’d never Dream of doing this in the light of day, then you’re drunk, my friend.
See if you start sending text messages that are unread. Have a look at your phone log in the previous hour. After you notice that It is almost impossible to sort or to receive a coherent word out, it is time To put away that texting system and to chug some water.
See if you are highly emotional for no reason. Are you suddenly crying just because of your friend’s Halloween screening of Hocus Pocus? Are you crying into your dinner as your buddy wished you a happy birthday? Are you inconsolable since your crush did not show until the party? If you are not normally a top drama person but are unexpectedly Angry or touched by every little thing that happens, then you’re drunk.
You know that warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you feel just like everybody Around you loves you and the world is right? Yep, that’s alcohol.
See if you get rid of all coordination. Having Difficulty Opening the bathroom door? Unzipping your own pants? Dipping a pita chip into a giant bowl of hummus? If so, then you are losing your Coordination since you’ve had a little too much to drink. If walking From 1 end of the room to another is suddenly a grueling job, then Your body was inhibited by alcohol.
See if the people around you seem confused by you. Do You believe you’re in the midst of a winning story about how you won the Spelling bee when you’re in the 4th grade or on your life-changing volunteering trip to Costa Rica. . .only to find the people around You’re squinting up at you, scratching their heads, and appearing Generally confused by whatever you’re saying?
If people keep asking you to repeat yourself or say, “What are you talking about?” or even, “Do I know you?” Then you’re definitely drunk.
See if you remember nothing the following day. If you Don’t recall what happened the night before, then you’re blackout drunk. If you recall a couple of things, then you can consider yourself as being brownout. In any event, not so great, my friend. Not remembering what You did because you had too much to drink is scary, dangerous, rather than a Superior way to live.
See if you are acting completely out of character. If You are normally shy and are suddenly the life of the party, or whether you’re Normally gregarious but are sitting close to the radio, considering the Meaning of life and swaying to”Dark Side of the Moon,” then you’re not acting like yourself. If you think of everything you have been doing during Alcohol time and understand that you were behaving like another person Completely, or even enjoy a bold, loud, dramatic person, then you were probably drunk.

Method 4
Knowing if You’ve Got a Problem

Know when you’re dangerously drunk. If You’re dangerously Drunk, then odds are, you won’t recall this, or you’ll be so out Of this that you won’t think about your own degree of intoxication. If You’re Dangerously drunk, and the other people around you’ll hopefully be able to tell. Symptoms include stumbling around and falling, vomiting Without stopping, getting the space spin ridiculously quickly, and generally Looking vacant and not enjoy yourself at all.
That is no joke. There’s no magic B.A.C. number that says you’re a danger. But in a high level of drunkenness you become more of a danger to yourself and others.
People with a BAC over .19 constitute 41 percent of traffic deaths. [2]
In a BAC of.3, side effects of ingesting may include death. At .5%, The majority of people will die. So don’t drink too much even when you’re at home.
Consider purchasing an”ignition interlock” to your car if you are afraid you will drink and drive. These stop you from driving if you’re drunk, automatically. Though The interlock is typically put at the cars of people that have had More than one D.U.I., it is possible to take this preventative measure to assist Yourself stay out of trouble beforehand.
Know whether you’re an alcoholic. This implies more than Just throwing a few drinks back together with your buddies every once in a while. It means drinking into a degree of not remembering something that occurs, Drinking by yourself often, and generally being reliant on alcohol. Alcoholism means different things to different people, but should You believe you have a troubled relationship with alcohol, then you need to get help.

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