How to Do Sexual Meditation

Sexual meditation Is a means to heighten awareness of the body to increase pleasure during sex. Regular sexual meditation, may help to make sex more pleasurable for You and your spouse and it’s also a way to deepen your relationship. You Can find out how to perform sexual meditation even if you’ve not meditated before.

Part 1

Dim the lights in your bedroom or living area and eliminate any electronic devices, like telephones, televisions, and laptops. When it’s too cold or too hot, this may be distracting.
You Might Also Want to set up a couple of cushions on the floor to sit Set the cushions so that they are near each other, but So that there’ll be a little distance between you and your spouse.
Get to a position which is Comfortable for you and your spouse. You can either lie down or sit You and your spouse can meditate Anything whatsoever if you prefer. Meditate in a seated posture.
Keep your chin up and your head aligned with your spine if you’re seated.

When You’re ready, you and your Spouse can shut your eyes and begin the meditation. Remain aware of your environment at first. Focus on your body, Your breath, and any sounds that you hear.

Attempt to dismiss intrusive thoughts and Just focus on the present moment. If a thought pops into your mind, acknowledge the idea and For Instance, if you think of something that occurred At work, then you may think to yourself,”yes, that happened,” and Then envision the idea drifting away.

Focus on your breathing and space. Concentrate on your breathing and space. Take deep, soothing breaths and cover Focus on air entering and leaving your body. The air down to your abdomen and imagine stress leaving your body as you exhale.

Try to be conscious of yourself and how you’re feeling. Atmosphere feels around your body, how all of your different body parts feel from

As the meditation begins, Visualize your body. Consider how your body looks inside and outside As well as your body’s energy seems. Consider the shapes, colours, And sounds of your present feelings. Desire that you’re feeling for your spouse looks like a red orb.

Focus on your bodily sensations. Try to be aware of your own Body and the sensations you are feeling as possible. The Objective of sexual Meditation is heightened consciousness, which may result in increased sexual arousal.

Focus on your spouse. When You’re done visualizing Yourself, change focus to your spouse. Try to Consider your partner’s Emotions and body at this moment.

Look at your spouse . Make Sure you notice your partner’s breathing as well. Glance in the moves of your partner’s body. [9] by way of instance, you may see your partner’s stomach and chest as they fill with air and then deflate again.
Communicate with your spouse without speaking. Face, hands, and eyes to show your partner what you’re feeling. Watch Your partner’s expressions also. as well.

Of sexual meditation, transition to sexual intercourse. If intercourse Is much more pleasurable after sexual meditation, speak with your partner about Doing routine sexual meditations.
Part 2
Enhancing Your Experience

Perform some nature sounds or relaxing music. Difficult to focus with external sounds, so playing some character Sounds or some music intended to enhance meditation might help you and your Consider playing some rain noises, ocean wave sounds, or
Be certain that you select something that will endure long enough to play when you’re meditating and having sex.
Attempt taoist sexual meditation. When You’ve tried basic Sexual meditation, try to move on to more intricate forms. Taoist sexual Meditation is a kind of meditation that focuses on you and your spouse merging desires.
You can begin Taoist meditation By holding your spouse and attempting to combine your breathing. That is, Match the speed of your inhaling and exhaling so that you and your Spouse are inhaling and exhaling at the exact same time.
meditation. Gently open and shut your partner’s hand or squeeze your Partner’s hand by means of a smooth, gentle rhythm.
Contain some tantric practices. Of using sex to meditate, so integrating some tantric practices can be Enjoyable for you and your spouse. Some simple tantric sex practices You can try are:
Try to keep eye contact with your partner as you have sex and as you orgasm too.
Try to alternate breaths with your spouse. By way of instance, you can breathe as your spouse breathes out and vice versa.

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